What Does HMU Mean?

The term HMU is an abbreviation of the words “Hit Me Up”. Just before one goes way-too-much thinking on really its right meaning, it is an important aspect to clarify on its meaning. This phrase has got no perverted or hidden meaning whatsoever.

HMU has two primary meanings

The phrase is mostly meant to mean that one is bored is is just requested his fellow friends to text him or her and or to call him or her up as well. It may also mean that one has got nothing to do and needs his or her friends to invite him or her for an activity.

The phrase HUM happens to be a modern short-hand way of inviting a friend or friends to communicate with the specific person. It is used more often than not when the person is bored and need friends to talk to.

Hit Me Up : Where its popular

This phrase, HMU, is more often than not common in chat halls or rooms in any online chat forum such as twitter, facebook, twoo among others. It happens to be the slang- word for “i need you to contact me” or “contact- me”.

hit me up Its origin is traced back in early 2010’s. It is rated as having over 85000 mentions in any single day. Most importantly, the highest mentions of HMU happens among the college and university students. A recent research of 2012 suggested that HMU popularity grew a little more deeper after each and every weekend and holiday vacations given to these university and college students.

This is fact was argued out that it was out of the fact that these students were occupied totally with their school work during weekdays and only during the weekends there happened to be enough time to make these sort of “requests”.

Origin and usage of HMU

In year 2011, Facebook.com did go through some of the several posts and updates made by different people from about two hundred and thirty five (235) plus countries of the world in the year 2010.


Then they did compare the most popular or high-frequency phrases of the year 2010 to their respective values traced in year 2009. After a thorough comparative analysis was performed, Facebook.com made a list of the most popular and most-frequent phrases. In the made list it happened that HMU was on the top of the list. They discovered that this phrase was hardly used in 2009 but did grow popular in the year 2010.

Conclusion : What does HMU mean

The phrase HMU may also be spelled in its lowercase or in all small letters as “hmu”. The usage of both the lowercase or the uppercase versions should outrightly mean one and the same thing. Any interested user of this phrase is usually more welcome than never to use either of the two versions. The only thing that calls for attention is just the fact that one need to avoid typing the whole or entire phrase or sentence in capital letters or in its uppercase as this is described as an online crime known as “rude-shouting-online”.

Meaning and usuage of HMU (Hit Me Up) just like any other cultural-internet-curiosities is so far accepted as a part and parcel of modern and today’s English-communication.