What Does the Acronym FTW Really Mean?

Languages all across the globe define cultures and how we communicate with each other. People use different terminologies to refer to various elements in life.

In recent times, many people have adopted the use of acronyms in texting and general business communication in order to spare the fluff in communication. When you are texting, you would want to use acronyms to save time and also send a message to someone who understands the acronym.

FTWAs such, you should not just assume that everyone understands what most of these acronyms mean. That is why you are mostly encouraged to use them sparingly depending on your target audience. For instance in this case, what does the acronym FTW mean?

Does it ring a bell in everyone’s mind out there or it is just basic cliché? Well, you need to understand its meaning first before you can use it in texting and other aspects of communication.

What does FTW mean?

There are two main variations or meanings for the acronym FTW. There are some who argue that it means, “For the Win” while others are of the thought that it refers to “Fuck the World”.

With all this confusion then, where do you stand as a journalist or in whichever field you are operating in? Today, the most common meaning for this acronym is “For the Win” which is basically an internet cheer that is normally used to express a feeling of general enthusiasm or optimism.

Whereas there might be some nastier variations commonly used out of context, FTW refers to for the win. It is a strange way of showing that what you are referring to is the best. Or when someone says so they mean that the item is the best and they recommend it to others. For instance, someone would add FTW to the end of a text message in order to show that they recommend something or when they want you to try it out.

Where did FTW come from?

fuck the worldIt is not really clear when FTW came into the picture. However, there are some experts who argue that it might have been coined around the year 2000 with a television game show called Hollywood Squares.

The participants loved to use the term for the win more often in most parts of the show and that is perhaps the reason why it has become quite common in the modern day.

Are there any older meanings?

A couple of years ago, FTW had a very negative meaning. Fuck the World was the term that was used in vulgar language. Just as the term implies, it was commonly used by social rebels, anarchists and people running authoritarian rule on others. They used this term to express their frustration with the state of the modern society.

However, over the past couple of years this antisocial meaning has been fading off. For the Win is now taking the role in the 21st century. Millions of people all over the world love to use it to express enthusiasm and basically the feeling of the modern cheer. Again, you need to understand that FTW, just like any other internet expression is part of a wide online conversation.

What Does TBT Mean?

The English language has been evolving for hundreds of years. People became bored of having to repeat those common long words that appear over and over again in writing and in speech. This made them come up with a very easy way of shortening them…acronyms.

tbt means

And with the current generation that is all about light speed texting, we want to say as much as we can using as little words as possible. It started off with LOL then we became more accustomed to the likes of ROFL and IDK. Then came TBT. I would say this is the most misplaced acronym ever.


With our lingo being bombarded by emoticons and cool short forms, we sometimes find ourselves out of the loop when it comes to short forms that have numerous meanings.

Below, I have listed some of the meanings of TBT in order of their popularity and how much they are used by people from various fields.

Conventional meaning : ‘Truth Be Told’

The global slang community knows it as a short form for the phrase, ‘Truth Be Told’. When you see it in texts or in popular culture literature, this it what it means.


TBT on Instagram and Twitter : ‘Throw Back Thursday

what does tbt mean On the popular social media platform Instagram, TBT means ‘Throw Back Thursday’. This is where people post old photos or ‘throwbacks’ and share old memories with one another. Photos posted can either be recent or really old. It can also be found on other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Still on the social scene, it could also stand for Today’s Big Thing. This is also a platform that works to spread news about trending topics at a particular time.

Other miscellaneous meanings

· In the world of business, TBT stands for Technical Barriers to Trade. These are unreasonable characteristics or specifications that must be met before a product is allowed into a particular country. Such as; packaging and quality.

· TBT stands for Total Body Training among athletes and people who engage in sporting activities. This is a full workout plan that enables athletes to exercise every part of their body, instead of concentrating in just one area.

· Lovers of video games know TBT as Turn Based tactics. This is a computer game genre of strategy video games that simulates the circumstances of warfare and military tactics. Some of these games are; Rondo of Swords, Gungnir, Wild Arms XF and many others.

· For those who like to scuba dive, TBT means Total Bottom Time. This is used to represent the amount of time a particular diver spent underwater. It also includes the residual nitrogen time. Total Bottom Time is the sum of actual bottom time and residual nitrogen time.

throwback thursday

Meaning of TBT in Science and technology

· TBT could also stand for an active ingredient found in pesticides called Tributyltin. This compound is also used as a paint additive when painting boats and ships so as to prevent growth of marine organisms such as barnacles, mussels and algae.

· The engineering field uses this acronym to stand for Technical Bid Tabulation. It is a public document prepared to record the bids along with the cost of constructing a particular structure.

tbt meaning

· Computer developers know TBT as Technology Based Training. It is a new method of training and teaching that helps the trainee learn more about any specific topic. It is very wide and can be incorporated in most places because it is dynamic and ever changing.

· In airplanes, the acronym represents Turbine Blade Temperature. When rotating at high speeds, the turbine blades in a jet engine heat up due to centrifugal forces. If unchecked, the high turbine temperatures may lead to engine damage and possible failure. Pilots monitor the temperatures, which are recorded in degrees Celsius and apply proper measures to cool the turbines.


· Medical practitioners are always saving time so that they can deliver services to more patients. When recording a patient’s vitals for their file, many doctors and nurses use TBT to stand for the Total Body Temperature of the patient.

Make sure your message is understood properly when using acronyms

For as long as we will continue speaking English, there will always be plenty of abbreviations that will spring up. Even though they are supposed to make communication much more easier, acronyms with many meanings tend to confuse whoever uses them.

So it is important that when you use acronyms like TBT, make sure your message is understood properly; not misinterpreted. Overall, acronyms have gained popularity, especially among internet users. They pass the message across; in fewer words.

What Does TBH Mean?

‘CUL8A’ (see you later), ‘G2G’ (got to go), ‘BRB’ (be right back), and ‘ROFL’ (rolling on the floor laughing); I’m sure you’ve seen them all. But what do they mean? The English language is ever-evolving – much to some people’s dismay.

These days, people have less time, but thanks to the internet – or internet slang – they still have the ability to speak their mind. So what does TBH mean?

to be honest ‘TBH’ is another one of these. For those of you who do not know, the internet slang ‘TBH’ stands for ‘to be honest’. This is mostly used in debate forums, or opinion pieces. Known to cause issues of interpretation, sarcasm is almost impossible to transfer over the world wide web. This is where TBH comes in handy. It allows people to show when they are saying something that should be taken completely as it is written. E.G. ‘TBH (to be honest) I think we used to be good friends, but things have changed :(.’

What demographics

However, it is also important to remember that, with the majority of internet slang users being teenagers (more specifically teenage girls), ‘TBH’ can be used to speak the posters offensive opinion, while expecting it to be taken as a fact.E.G. ‘I don’t like you at all, and TBH (to be honest), no one else likes you either.’

tbh meaningFacebook is turning 10 this year, but it has only been in recent years that a new trend called ‘like for a TBH’ has surged in popularity. While tweens (pre-teens – ranging from 10 to 12 years old) are almost obsessed with this trend, it can lead to online bullying and can lead to a lot of hurt feelings.E.G. ‘TBH are my best friend.’Or,E.G. ‘TBH I don’t really know you and I don’t really like you.’


What does it mean when everyone uses OMG, TBH , BRB all the time.

The internet is not the only place that these language short-cuts are taken, however. Text messenging has also been progressed by the use of ‘internet’ slang. With so many young adults growing up using only slang, it is no surprise that the education system has taken a big hit. While it may be quicker, it is by no mean the most beneficial.

But wait! Don’t blame the current generation of teenagers for the demise of the English language. Sources have discovered that acronyms have been recorded in use as far back as 1917. British Admiral Lord Fisher wrote a letter to Winston Churchill, and included the term ‘OMG’ (Oh my G*d). The same also goes for ‘LOL’. The current, most common, usage translates to ‘laugh out loud’, but this acronym has been in use for many years, and originally translated to ‘lots of love’.

what does tbh mean

A few other internet uses for ‘TBH’ can be found by a google search, though their uses are far more uncommon. It is used by Tracey Brunstrom & Hammond, and TBH Capital Advisors, for example, companies that give financial and project management and advice. Additionally, some companies and services use ‘TBH’ as ‘to be hired’, which symbolizes jobs/fields that have yet to be filled.

TBH there will probably come a time when ‘TBH’ stands more for something else, but for the mean time, it simply conveys someone’s opinion which may or may not be used in an offensive manner.

What Does HMU Mean?

The term HMU is an abbreviation of the words “Hit Me Up”. Just before one goes way-too-much thinking on really its right meaning, it is an important aspect to clarify on its meaning. This phrase has got no perverted or hidden meaning whatsoever.

HMU has two primary meanings

The phrase is mostly meant to mean that one is bored is is just requested his fellow friends to text him or her and or to call him or her up as well. It may also mean that one has got nothing to do and needs his or her friends to invite him or her for an activity.

The phrase HUM happens to be a modern short-hand way of inviting a friend or friends to communicate with the specific person. It is used more often than not when the person is bored and need friends to talk to.

Hit Me Up : Where its popular

This phrase, HMU, is more often than not common in chat halls or rooms in any online chat forum such as twitter, facebook, twoo among others. It happens to be the slang- word for “i need you to contact me” or “contact- me”.

hit me up Its origin is traced back in early 2010’s. It is rated as having over 85000 mentions in any single day. Most importantly, the highest mentions of HMU happens among the college and university students. A recent research of 2012 suggested that HMU popularity grew a little more deeper after each and every weekend and holiday vacations given to these university and college students.

This is fact was argued out that it was out of the fact that these students were occupied totally with their school work during weekdays and only during the weekends there happened to be enough time to make these sort of “requests”.

Origin and usage of HMU

In year 2011, Facebook.com did go through some of the several posts and updates made by different people from about two hundred and thirty five (235) plus countries of the world in the year 2010.


Then they did compare the most popular or high-frequency phrases of the year 2010 to their respective values traced in year 2009. After a thorough comparative analysis was performed, Facebook.com made a list of the most popular and most-frequent phrases. In the made list it happened that HMU was on the top of the list. They discovered that this phrase was hardly used in 2009 but did grow popular in the year 2010.

Conclusion : What does HMU mean

The phrase HMU may also be spelled in its lowercase or in all small letters as “hmu”. The usage of both the lowercase or the uppercase versions should outrightly mean one and the same thing. Any interested user of this phrase is usually more welcome than never to use either of the two versions. The only thing that calls for attention is just the fact that one need to avoid typing the whole or entire phrase or sentence in capital letters or in its uppercase as this is described as an online crime known as “rude-shouting-online”.

Meaning and usuage of HMU (Hit Me Up) just like any other cultural-internet-curiosities is so far accepted as a part and parcel of modern and today’s English-communication.

What Does CTFU Mean?

CTFU: Have you heard it so many times? Learn the meaning of this urban lingo here. It appears that new phrases are being added into the world of online chatting every other day. If you are on twitter or facebook, you may have come across the abbreviation ”ctfu”.

Furthermore, it’s commonly used in texting using mobile devices. So, what exactly does ctfu mean? You might just want to know the meaning of this abbreviation before using it, right?

Meaning and usuages of CTFU

”Crack the fuck up” is the meaning of this abbreviation. It’s about saving time when communicating, and that is done through short form phrases. The web is the only place where you are officially allowed to break grammar and spelling rules. No English teacher will come for your neck!!

Instead of writing ”cracking the fuck up” or ”crack the fuck up”, users who communicate with this urban term will simply type ctfu. You may use it when you’ve come across something that’s terribly funny. It’s used to describe the kind of laughing that makes it practically impossible to breathe.

The world is moving forward at a fast pace and it’s only the 21 century generation that would be able to catch up with that speed. It’s a high-tech society where many words or phrases are quickly coming up.

These words are coined in such a way that one wouldn’t know their meanings if they don’t belong to this generation. But even if you’d be lucky to find the meaning of ctfu, you simply wouldn’t catch up with the rate at which internet slang evolve.

Such words are normally considered internet slang or urban lingo and users find them very cool. If you don’t understand urban phrases or acronyms like CTFU, then you run the risk of being considered irrelevant or outdated.

Different Interpretation and Context

what does ctfu mean

It appears that the very people who are being considered irrelevant are the same individuals who create hard rules regarding English words. The world of texting or chatting online has defied those rules when it comes to coining phrases, terms or words.

Today, a word may mean one thing and tomorrow it may mean a different thing altogether. That’s because internet slang keep evolving as people keep using them.

Conclusion : What does CTFU mean

Right now, some people use ctfu to mean some form of intense laughing. Others have already invented other meanings for the same word, i.e it’s a modification of ”STFU” which means ”Shut the fuck up”.

If used in this context, it will mean ”Chut the fuck up”. While still at it, other people have manipulated it to mean ”Cheer the fuck up”. Because of the different meanings and interpretation of urban lingo, these words are proving to be more complex and users may only catch up as they continue to spend more hours chatting or texting friends.